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Products - Oxy Plus



Oxy Plus is a machine that uses oxygen from the air
and concentrates it up to 90% oxygen purity.
Besides that, Oxy Plus can filters dirt, bacteria and virus.
And it also can produce anion negative as much as ≥ 5,000,000ions/cm³.







As everybody knows, the oxygen in the atmosphere is an integral part of
making sure that we stay alive. Every single living organism needs to breathe in oxygen,
to make sure that his biological, natural and physiological functions work in a healthy and faultless manner.


             Of all the essential nutrients needed by the human,
oxygen is the one we must have on a moment to moment basis.
We can’t live without it even for a few minutes, yet, this is the one nutrient most people don’t associate with
deficiency problems. Nothing could be further from the truth.


            One problem is that oxygen concentrations in and around major cities
have been measured as much as 30% below normal. That means that each
breath brings in less oxygen. As if this weren’t bad enough, most people have developed poor breathing
habits, thus further restricting oxygen intake.The result of oxygen deficiency is having a negative
effect on our health and our overall performance. Oxygen deprivation can be associated with all
kinds of chronic diseases, including cancer.


In 1933, Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg has proven that chronic oxygen reduction in cells
can lead to cancer. Like most bacteria, cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment.
Every time Warburg deprived a healthy cell of oxygen by reducing its available oxygen by 35 percent,

it became cancerous and its bacteria count increased.




Functions of Oxy Plus

    Improve blood circulation.  Quickly Recuperate body energy Stimulate brain cells
    Boost concentration level and work efficiency
    Reduce body fat by increasing metabolism 
    Reduce stress and fatigue
    Enhance immune system
    Improve sleep quality


Suitable for:   

  • - People with chronic oxygen deficiency syndromes 
  • - People who are easily tired and fatigue 
  • - High-stress white collar professionals 
  • - Atmospheric pollution 
  • - Poor indoor air circulation 
  • - Smokers, Pregnant woman, Children, Senior citizens etc 




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